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When our clients win,
we win.


We develop and implement long-term strategies to ensure that your career has longevity, and a consistant content schedule.


Our agents have worked with brands such as Hilton, White Fox, TikTok, Samsung, and over 75+ others across the globe.


Our agency has links to some of the entertainment industry's strongest creatives, to ensure that your vision is conveyed correctly.


We specialise in tricky negotiations, to make sure that our clients are always satisfied and are never mistreated.

The benefits don’t stop at the management.

Event Access
We have access to the hottest music festivals and parties, so get ready!
Our agents have links to many hotels, for free stays and flights.
Creator Collabs
Access our network of other clients, to form collabs.

Designed to turn models, into celebrities.

150+ Influencers

Our managers represent over 150+ influencers exclusively, with follower counts ranging from 2 Million, up to 14 Million.

7-Figures in Deals

Our creators have earned over 7-figures in brand deals, not including exclusive content.

  3 Partnerships

We're partnered with OnlyFans, TikTok, and YouTube to ensure your content is taken care of.
The TKOVR Vision.
Comprehensive Model Management, for everyone.
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